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1 channel self-locking relay module

Relay&Relay Module 1 channel self-locking relay module

Relay&Relay Module 1 channel self-locking relay module factory Relay&Relay Module 1 channel self-locking relay module factory Relay&Relay Module 1 channel self-locking relay module factory

Large Image:Relay&Relay Module1 channel self-locking relay module

Product Details:

Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: LXXTECH
Model Number: LXX-0240

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 20
Price: good price
Delivery Time:
Payment Terms: TT ,paypal,ESCROW
Supply Ability:
Detailed Product Description

Product Use:
Press the trigger button , the relay locked , press it again , the relay is disconnected , you can also add the trigger switch , and the use of low-level trigger .
Household appliances control, home control various lamps , factory equipment control , current control for a variety of small high-voltage power control products .

Product Features:
1 double panel design PCB;
2. using stable and reliable chip as a control, stable and reliable performance , strong anti-interference , no false triggering than CD4013 excellent performance ;
3 has a high-power regulator to provide adequate and stable voltage , and have enough vents to ensure stable and reliable operation of the product for a long time ;
4 Protection against power reversal protection diode , short reverse power without any damage to the product ;
5 wide voltage range of uses in the 7-14V DC power supply can make the product stability ;
6 Use Songle genuine relay control loads, in 250V 10A ( AC ) and 30V 10A ( DC ) of the load can withstand ;
7 with touch switch as product testing, test the product directly to the stability ;
8 can also trigger an external trigger switch with terminal blocks with a good product and the lead , more convenient to use ;
9 The trigger can also be triggered by other sensor modules do , are valid as long as the trigger is low , there are more functional expansion ;
10 has three power input , the default shipping is the first, the other to be made ​​;

Electrical parameters:
Supply Voltage :7-14V (DC) Supply Current : more than 200mA
Load : 250V 10A (AC) or 30V 10A (DC)
Life: 1 million times

Product description :
1 power supply to meet the scope of use, DC 7-14V;
2 Press the power requirements by line graph , can not be reversed, although the protection circuit , but not for a long time reversed ;
3 products regulator slight fever is a normal phenomenon , relays work long hours with normal fever phenomenon , are normal ;
4 relay load load power to give leave some margin, should avoid high-power (2000W or so ) and long working environment, product life will have some impact .

1lot =
1.1pcs 1 channel latching relay module
2.1pcs Jumper cap
3.1pcs 50CM long 2P external trigger line

There are three power terminal blocks are available, pls tell us which one you like? The default is the first one to send.

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Shenzhen LINGXIANGXING Technology Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen Yourmestudio Technology Co.,Ltd.

Contact Person: Miss Angela



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