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new imported / RE200B / human pyroelectr...

new imported / RE200B / human pyroelectric infrared sensor

 new imported / RE200B / human pyroelectric infrared sensor factory  new imported / RE200B / human pyroelectric infrared sensor factory

Large Image:new imported / RE200B / human pyroelectric infrared sensor

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Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: LXXTECH
Model Number: LXX-F0008

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Minimum Order Quantity: 50
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Detailed Product Description

new imported / RE200B / human pyroelectric infrared sensor

Product Description:

RE200B Product description :
Model RE200B sensitive element size 2.0 × 1.0mm2 silicon wafer substrate material thickness 0.5mm Wavelength 7-14μm average transmittance > 75 % of the output signal > 2.5V (420 ° k blackbody modulation frequency 0.3-3.0Hz 1Hz bandwidth of 72.5db gain ) noise <200mV (mVp-p) (25 C) balance <20% working Voltage 2.2-15V Operating Current 8.5-24μA (VD = 10V, Rs = 47kΩ, 25 Csource voltage 0.4-1.1V (VD = 10V, Rs = 47kΩ, 25C) Operating Temperature -20 C- +70C Storage temperature -35C- +80 C FOV 139 ° × 126 °
Description The sensor uses the polarization of pyroelectric material changes with temperature characteristic sensing infrared radiation sensitive element dual complementary method suppresses the interference caused by temperature changes , improve the operation of the sensor stability.
1 , the performance index is the source resistor R2 = 47KΩ measured under the conditions , the user uses the sensor can be adjusted according to your needs R2 size.
2, note the location of the sensing element and the field size in order to obtain optimum optical design .
3, all measurements are performed using the voltage signal peak to peak scaling . Balance in B EA and EB represent two of the sensing element output signal voltage peak to peak .
4 , the use of sensing when the pin is bent or welded parts should be more than 4mm from base.

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