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Laser Diode Copper Semiconductor

Laser Diode Copper Semiconductor

  Laser Diode Copper Semiconductor factory   Laser Diode Copper Semiconductor factory   Laser Diode Copper Semiconductor factory

Large Image: Laser Diode Copper Semiconductor

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Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: LXXTECH
Model Number: LXX-F0006

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Detailed Product Description

Mini 650nm 3V/5V Head Laser Diode Copper Semiconductor Laser Tube Dot 6MM Outer Diameter 


The  Laser Diode Copper Semiconductor have two
voltage type:  3V ; 5V
You can select the size of the voltage you need.


 Wavelength : 650NM

 Power : 5MW

OD : 6MM


1 : pay attention to the safety of the laser cell , to prevent others from removing burning electric power cell causing a short circuit or battery explosion.

2: The principle of laser emission and generation process determines the specificity of laser light with general do not have the characteristics: the Miyoshi ( color is good, coherence is good , good direction ) and one high ( high brightness ) .

3 : mainly used for laser toys , all kinds of level meter, instrument, such as ground

Creating an electronic pointer pen : the teacher , the students drew a laser projection concept check point thinking .

Electronic spirit level : Let the motor driven head rotation or twisting into a straight line projected on the wall for decoration or posting pictures to do the horizontal reference .

Micro LCD Projector : Remove the condenser , so that the laser can be controlled through the LCD screen , you can produce a clear projection on the wall .

Laser remote listeners: irradiating the laser glass being overheard the room , and then receives a laser beam reflected back to the glass , the glass is detected out of the room to the sound vibration reduction .

Remote light control anti-theft alarm : the need to protect the corner of ponds or watermelon launch tube fitted with laser and photosensitive resistance , in another three on the opposite corner mounted mirror, to form a protective zone.

Laser distance wireless communication : the use of one pair of laser transceiver respectively, in two distant roof facing each other , the use of single-chip serial communication protocol can send and receive files, and even networking.


The laser head by a light-emitting tube core , a condenser lens , copper adjustable sleeve three parts, to the user , this three-part has been assembled , but also adjust the focal length , and has a strong glue stick better , users connected 5V DC power supply to work .


Special attention not at people 's eyes.

For more quantity,please contact us! 100% brand new!  Lage shipments! 

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