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Hot sale!NEO-6 v3.0 NEO-6M GPS module

New product Hot sale!NEO-6 v3.0 NEO-6M GPS module

New product Hot sale!NEO-6 v3.0 NEO-6M GPS module factory New product Hot sale!NEO-6 v3.0 NEO-6M GPS module factory

Large Image:New productHot sale!NEO-6 v3.0 NEO-6M GPS module

Product Details:

Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: LXXTECH
Model Number: LXX-0492

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 5
Price: Good price
Delivery Time:
Payment Terms: TT ,paypal,ESCROW
Supply Ability:
Detailed Product Description

NEO-6 v3.0 NEO-6M GPS module

Main features:
1 imported brands too AU 25 × 25mm large size ceramic antenna , with a low noise amplifier and filter are combined into ublox official recommended best combination of performance programs , as well as a larger signal reflection area , let signal sensitivity better than previous versions ;
2 parameters are saved with the onboard EEPROM, configuration parameters can be permanently preserved after a power outage ;
3 Import molex 1.25mm-4pin socket , and using ublox official recommended EMI scheme , both the input and output and input ports increased by bead resistance , perfectly compatible with 5V level signal input (6M module itself is 3.3V level signals ) .
4 can reverse power protection for a long time , to prevent accidental burning regulator ;
5 with a positioning indicator ( green ) and the power indicator ( blue ) , lock ≥ 3 stars after positioning indicator starts blinking , the default frequency 1Hz.

Switzerland, u-blox is a globally recognized best civilian GPS module manufacturers. NEO-6M module positioning effect is very satisfactory , and many high-quality GPS products are widely used in this series of modules. But because the relationship between product positioning , some functions are weakened, such as configuration parameters and can not be saved without Flash chips ( not upgrade the firmware ) , but with a higher level of accuracy LEA-6X series consistent.

NEO-6 GPS v3.0 UART (TTL) with a standard serial interface, common to all flight control or other equipment . The default 9600 baud / refresh rate 1hz (ublox official default) To modify the parameters , you can use FTDI USB-TTL or other tool , connected to the computer using the setting tool u-center official conduct .

When 328P 's MWC ( eg CRIUS SE) through the use of GPS -based navigation panel , to be set to 115200 baud rate / refresh rate 5hz; MEGA platform for fly control ( eg CRIUS AIOP) firmware can be specified with MPNG ( Pirates ) in the source code u-blox protocol , the firmware will automatically recognize the GPS and set the baud rate of 38400 ; flight control when used in APM , the baud rate is set to 38400 / refresh rate 5hz can recommend the output statements set UBX protocol.

When connecting with the 328P 's MWC, such as CRIUS MWC SE series or other manufacturers of similar flight control , to be with I2C-GPS navigation pad to use , enabling fixed and dynamic return function.

Product parameters :
Dimensions (mm): 40 ( W ) × 40 ( length ) × 9 ( H) ;
Weight (g): 14 ( without cable ) / 16g ( with supplied cable ) ;
Fixing hole diameter (mm): Φ3.1 × 4, edge pitch 35mm;
GPS module : u-blox NEO-6M;
EEPROM capacity : 32Kbit;
Onboard Interface : molex 1.25mm-4Pin;
Onboard battery : SEIKO MS621FE 3V rechargeable lithium battery ;

Make sure the wiring up your order or flight control device as defined in former ★ connection , do not pick the wrong power supply

Contact Details
Shenzhen LINGXIANGXING Technology Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen Yourmestudio Technology Co.,Ltd.

Contact Person: Miss Angela



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